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  • Janice Pollard

Why is my short-term rental not getting bookings?

We keep hearing about the AirBNB bust. People are asking their counterparts, "Are your bookings also down from last year? What do I have to do to get bookings?"

If you rely on your rental to make your mortgage (and hopefully then some!), having a listing that stands out is the key to getting heads in beds.

Does your beachside condo look just like the next one? Are you appealing to your core guest and what they truly want?

Luckily, there's a guy for that. John Bianchi is the AirBNB Data Guy. He assesses rental properties using data, and he has turned this passion into a superpower.

"AirOptimization" is John's secret weapon for Airbnb hosts like you. For a tiny investment (just a grand), he'll turn your listing from "meh" to "WOW." We're talking serious revenue boost with minimal cash outlay.

What's the magic formula? It's all about knowing the right tweaks, the perfect amenities, and the secret sauce that makes guests hit 'Book Now' faster than you can say "five-star review."

If you feel like you're drowning in the competitive AirBNB ocean, we're throwing you a rope. And the best part? If your listing is already perfected and he can’t help you, you get your money back. Zero risks, all the rewards.

>> Check it out here. Your business may have just turned a corner.

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