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  • Janice Pollard

Become a Superhost with My Top 5 Short-Term Rental Podcasts

Updated: Mar 11

I love podcasts! They feature real talk, with real people, with real solutions. Get access to new ideas and ways to grow your business or solve a challenging situation with my top five must-listens below.

1. No Vacancy

Go behind the scenes of what it's really like to be a short-term rental host, mistakes to avoid, and how to get more bookings.

HOST: Natalie Palmer

2. Thanks for Visiting

Creative ways to make your listing stand out, guest experience, and profitability

HOSTS: Annette Grant & Sarah Karakaian

3. The STR Sisterhood

Real Life Stories from Real Life Women in the Short Term Rental Industry

HOST: Stacey St. John

4. Short Term Rental Management

How to manage your short-term rental from anywhere in the world, plus tips and tricks to become a better host.

HOST: Luke Carl

5. The Real Estate Rookie Podcast

Breaking down the most important real estate investing tips for newbies.

HOST: Ashley Kehr and Tony Robinson

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